Gourmet Doesn't Mean Snobby

We've been told many times over the last few months that clients love our menu because its comprised of Gourmet food but doesn't present its self to be pretentious or as many would simply say "snobby." 

Being a Gourmet Caterer in New York City and on Long Island, it was important for us at What's The Kitch  to offer a menu that anyone from any walk of life could enjoy. You wouldn't believe how many people have told us that it was their first time eating Lobster or Beef Wellington or Champagne Shrimp. Listen we know most can't eat this way every day of the week, but when you do - it should be an enjoyable experience. Not an overbearing where's your dinner jacket you should definitely order the expensive wine sort of event.

Both of our chefs are from small town humble beginnings. We strive to make every event we cater feel as though its a gathering of our closest friends and families. We want you to feel at home, even if the food is something you don't usually whip up on a Tuesday night.

At What's The Kitch, we have had the pleasure to serve the likes of Celebrities and Millionaires, to the every day person and fresh out of college dreamer - probably everyone in between. Our quality, service or approach doesn't waiver based on where you stand in life. Why should it? Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. But we know the world doesn't always work that way.

To some -Gourmet Food or Gourmet Catering means over priced, stuffy environments and strange ingredients you have never heard of or may never want to taste. To us- Gourmet means high quality ingredients, with creative flare that appeals to all. To us- Gourmet means Delicious in a welcoming environment. 

Our Food is Our Universal Language. 

Stay Hungry Friends......but not for too long.

-What's The Kitch